Greenbriar proposes a Swainson's Hawk preserve within 600 feet of an airport runway. FOSH opposes the establishment of the Moody Preserve on the Sacramento City Council Agenda May 30, 2017.

* Eleven Swainson's Hawks have been listed as fatalities in the FAA bird strike data base for SMF between 2013 and 2016.

* Airport operations are expected to increase 30 percent over the next 20 years.

* This is the wrong location to preserve in perpetuity for conservation of a threatened bird species.

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Basic Facts About the Proposed Greenbriar Project In North Natomas and Our Lawsuit

The 577 acre, expected 3,700 housing unit Greenbriar project was approved by the City of Sacramento and Sacramento LAFCo for annexation in 2008. Greenbriar is located at the intersection of I-5 and 99/70, north of the City of Sacramento. Proponents describe the project as infill but it is bounded by freeway on two sides, undeveloped commercial property on the west and agricultural area to the north. It is the leading edge of development proposals to break the urban limit line and expand further into the Natomas Basin.

FOSH and ECOS challenged the approval of the EIR, focusing particularly on flood impact standard, air quality impact assessment and mitigation, and mitigation for impacts on the Natomas Basin Habitat Conservation Plan, and loss of prime and productive agricultural land. The property was zoned agricultural and was outside the City limit and the county’s urban services boundary (USB) when annexation was approved in 2008. The court ruled in favor of the City,

EIR Comment Letters

Aerial view of Natomas Basin including Greenbriar and NBC Preserves