Action Alert: Stop Poorly Planned Growth in the Natomas Floodplain by City of Sacramento; City Planning commission recommended denial of the project November 8. Attend workshop on January 15 at 6 pm, City Hall. Contact the City Mayor and Council on your concerns about this project (see contact info below). IT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT TO SHOW UP FOR THE HEARING AND HEAR THE DELIBERATIONS OF THE COUNCIL.

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Despite requests by the Grand Jury, Sacramento Bee, League of Women Voters, Natomas Community Association and Environmental Council of Sacramento, the City of Sacramento is pushing ahead to get new development approved in Natomas prior to the levees being recertified as safe. The City of Sacramento’s rush to move this project ahead of the General Plan and ahead of their long range plan for Natomas is motivated by one landowner, AKT Development, who has demanded and received special treatment in the planning process. While AKT promises not to build homes until the levees are certified, it insists on getting development approvals now. Planning and mitigation for the project are grossly inadequate.

You can contact decisionmakers by email, fax, mail or phone, as noted below, to show your disapproval for this runaway development scheme. Here are some comments you might consider for your letter:

o the City should not consider expanding the city limits further in Natomas until the levees are recertified in Natomas.
o the City should require dedication of permanent prime agricultural land at a 1:1 ratio for any approval of development on ag land; Greenbriar is a perfect example of the kind of annexation cities should avoid since it will pave over prime ag land. The EIR says significant and unmitigated impacts on agricultural land will result. Other cities and public agencies require 1:1 mitigation for destruction of ag land for homes. Sacramento has not required Greenbriar to do this.
o The City should not ignore the numerous community organizations asking that this project should be denied, including the Natomas Community Association, Sacramento County Taxpayers’ League, Environmental Council of Sacramento and Sacramento County Grand Jury.
o the City should address municipal services issues and finance plan deficits raised by the Natomas community and in the Sacramento Grand Jury Report before considering further expansion of the Natomas Community.
o Before acting, the City must receive definitive direction from US Fish and Wildlife and California Fish and Game on what mitigation will be required to offset the negative impacts of this development on the Natomas Habitat Conservation Plan and on the species covered by it. At present, both CA Fish and Game and US Fish and Wildlife have informed the City that the proposed mitigation is inadequate.
o Greenbriar should be included in the City’s General Plan and Joint Vision planning process and fully planned for all its impacts and does not deserve to have a special treatment status outside the state mandated planning process.

Moreover, citizens should not be required to participate in three processes to be heard on city expansion into agricultural and habitat lands. At present, citizens must attend meetings on Greenbriar, on Joint Vision and on the General Plan to comment. Friends of the Swainson's Hawk does not have the resources to track all these meetings and comment deadlines.

CONTACTING THE CITY: Always use your name, phone number and address or zip code in all communications. To be sure your message does not get lost, leave phone messages on the voice mail of the District Directors for all City Council members.

City of Sacramento Council and staff FAX number: 264-7680
City Hall, 915 I Street, Sacramento, Ca. 95814
Mayor Heather Fargo Call her aide Sue O'Brien at 808 5073
Councilmember Ray Tretheway Call Dan Roth at 808 7339
Councilmember Sandy Sheedy Cll Joann Cummins at 808-7002
Councilmember Steve Cohn Call Sue Brown at 808 7235
Councilmember Rob Fong Call Lisa Nava at 808-7340
Councilmember Lauren Hammond Call Helen Hewitt at 808 7234
Councilmember Kevin McCarty Call Maria Alvarez at 808 7335
Councilmember Bonnie Pannell Call Matthew Bryant at 808-7008
Councilmember Robby Waters Call Patricia Clark at 808-7338
City Manager Ray Kerridge