WHY and HOW to Contribute

We believe in conservation and respect for nature. We work in California, with focus on the Central Valley raptor habitat. Money is a great way for you to participate in our work. Your money can make a difference in the human impact on wildlife in our region. Your donation has an impact because we are volunteers implementing public education, conservation and legal programs to support wildlife conservation. Our annual report, Strategic Plan and Conservation Strategy are available on this website. You can also email any questions to (swainsonshawk@sbcglobal.net). Your donations make a difference.


At present we are emphasizing the building of an endowment to support conservation of Swainson's Hawks in the future. This endowment pays a dividend that we can direct toward today's conservation needs while ensuring that resources are available in the future. You can contribute by sending your tax deductible donation to:

Swainson's Hawk Endowment Fund, Sacramento Region Community Foundation,955 University Ave., Suite A, Sacramento, CA 95825