Reconsideration of Proposal to Expand Elk Grove onto Farmland

On February 7, 2018, LAFCo approved 4-3 a proposal by landowners in this area — the Kammerer/99 Sphere of Influence Amendment — to allow urbanization on 1,156 acres of farmland south of the present Urban Services Boundary for the County. A hearing to reconsider this decision is set for May 2 at 5:30 pm, 700 H Street, Sacramento.

Ask LAFCo to reconsider its decision to allow Elk Grove to disregard the Urban Services Boundary (USB) that has been the foundation of urban planning in Sacramento County. Planning for water, transportation, habitat and other key resources has been based on the USB for decades. SACOG (our regional planning agency) has stated emphatically that Elk Grove does not need more farmland to grow, and that the proposal conflicts with the Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

**** email to (Subject: To LAFCo Commissioners, May 2 EG) and

**** show up on May 2 at 5:30 pm at 700 H Street, Sacramento.

Our Letter Reequesting Reconsideration

Link to LAFCo website and staff report recommending "no reconsideration"

CALAFCo White Paper on Agricultural Preservation Policies for LAFCos

Read Habitat 2020's 7 key reasons for LAFCo Commissioners to deny the application. The proposal contradicts countywide planning for smart growth, habitat conservation, water supply, an efficient and effective regional transportation system and approval would contradict LAFCo's statutory responsibility to curb sprawl and protect agricultural land.

Read 14 direct significant and unavoidable environmental impacts of the project that cannot be mitigated.

Read State Law and LAFCo Policies that do not support approval of the proposed SOI

See ECOS' latest web page with Sierra Club opinions on why this is such a bad idea.

FOSH letter on Recirculated EIR on the Kammerer/99 SOIA proposal

FOSH letter on first EIR on the Kammerer/99 SOIA proposal

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View our September, 2012 poll of Elk Grove registered voters showing less than 20 percent supported the Council's effort to expand the City onto farmland.

Our Elk Grove SOIA EIR comment letter May, 2013.