The Natomas Basin. . . .ricelands, canals, alfalfa, trees, the Sacramento River, floodplains, high water table, jets, airport noise, buffer lands and overflight zones, row crops, Fisherman's Lake, Snake Alley, Pritchard's Lake, Jacob's Slough, I-5, 99/70, farmers, tractors, river front homes, Sand Cove beach, and much more.

The Natomas Basin is a largely agricultural area, now rapidly suburbanizing. It is home to the about 50 nesting pairs of Swainson's Hawks. It is also home of the largest surviving population of endangered giant garter snakes (GGS). For more information about the Natomas Basin HCP, see our legal page.
The Natomas Basin Conservancy is charged with acquiring lands to protect species from urban use. See this site for maps.
Our Vision Friends of the Swainson's Hawk has a vision for species protection in the Natomas Basin. Sheriff Blanas Arena Initiative destroys our vision for Natomas.
The Fisherman's Lake Preserve is adjacent to the City of Sacramento in the Swainson's Hawk Zone. Other historic riparian areas that have been degraded but could be restored are Pritchards Lake and Jacobs Slough.
Sacramento Audubon Society volunteer Carl Burke leads an annual Natomas birding tour that we highly recommend.