Photos: R. Sewell

The Grassy Mound at Sutter's Landing Park- Habitat or Solar Energy?

We are told the City of Sacramento has withdrawn its proposal to cover the grassy mound at Sutter Landing Park (28th and the River) with solar photovoltaic panels after receiving public input on the Mitigated Negative Declaration. Thanks to everyone who helped out on this vexing issue. The 100 acre area is adjacent to the American River Parkway. The grassy mound is a feeding area for wildlife, including many raptors, and especially for a nesting Swainson's Hawk pair nearby. Friends of the Swainson's Hawk asked the City to pare back its project, protect the habitat values of the grassy mound, and find alternative sites that are not habitat for solar energy installations. The grassy mound is a 100 acre closed landfill, where methane gas is collected. It is fenced off to the public and safe for wildlife foraging. Images of wildlife at the grassy mound.

Mitigated Negative Declaration Click here to find ours and other letters commenting on the inadequacies of the environmental review.

The aerial photo below shows the American River Parkway in the City of Sacramento from the confluence with the Sacramento River to the Cal Expo floodplain in East Sacramento. The red XXXs shows the location of the 100 acre grassy mound at Sutter Landing Park. It is immediately west of Business 80.

You can learn more:

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