photo credits (l) Randy Smith; (m) SWH TAC; (r) Sami LaRocca -on site Atriplex joaquiniana and buteo swainsonii.

SAVING HABITAT: City of Woodland Regional Park Property and OPDE Solar development proposal

We are informed that the City of Woodland has withdrawn the OPDE proposal for a solar installation at this site. Now the community is focused on getting the site permanently protected as habitat.

In September of 2010, the Woodland City Council authorized the City Manager to negotiate with OPDE for a solar installation on one of four potential sites on City owned property. Unfortunately, one of these is a 158 acre undeveloped park site that is important Swainson's Hawk foraging habitat and contains rare plants and soils. We have joined with Woodland residents who are asking that the City support sale of the site for conservation and management for habitat.

The site contains seven rare plants, including one that is listed as endangered, is used as Swainson's Hawk foraging and possibly nesting.

What is important to FOSH is that the nesting density of Swainson's Hawks in this area is very high and it is adjacent to the Willow Slough nesting corridor between Woodland and Davis. A Swainson's Hawk nest has been reported on the property. Development of this property would be detrimental to nesting success in the corridor. The corridor is a prime habitat area for the Yolo Heritage Program which is attempting to build a conservation plan for the County and cities in the County that will permanently protect native wildlife and plants. Note that this site is adjacent to a site that has already been conserved in perpetuity for habitat, offering the opportunity for a larger contiguous area of permanent habitat in a key area.

Pitch In! Residents of Woodland can help convince the City Council to do the right thing - Here's how. Below is the contact information for each City Council member. Please email or write each one, requesting seek the purchase of the site by a conservation buyer. To send an email to Mayor and Council, you can copy and paste this string:;;;;; To write, use the City Hall address at 300 First Street, Woodland, CA 95695. For more information about contacting councilmembers, contact the City Clerk at 530-661-5806.






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The site at 20179 County Road 102, Woodland, on the southeastern edge of the City (South of Spring Lake). If the link doesn't work for you, Google Map 20179 Country Road 102, Woodland Ca 95776

Email from California Fish and Game to City of Woodland about the habitat values of the site.