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Photo and Video Gallery and linksDownload Friends of Swainson's Hawk brochure

California Partners in Flight Riparian Bird Conservation Plan, "Swainson's Hawk (Buteo swainsoni), by Brian Woodbridge. 1998. A very good reference document that includes both California and other populations of Swainson's Hawk.

Call of the Swainson's Hawk - from the Cornell Ornithology collection. Also - Swainson's Hawk ring tone available from from Center for Biological Diversity, Endangered Species Ring Tones web page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Swainson's Hawk - and Answers from Mike Bradbury, Swainson's Hawk biologist

Our Conservation Strategy to protect Swainson's Hawks

California Raptor Center

How to Identify Swainson's Hawks and Other Raptors - our page on who the Swainson's Hawk is

How to Identify Swainson's Hawks and Other Raptors in California - Chris Conard's excellent guide to raptors.

Stuff for Teachers and Kids

Habitat Needs for Hawks and Other Species - key information about what is required to protect Swainson's Hawk.

What to do when you have an injured or juvenile hawk needing assistance.

Photo credit: Robert Sewell