Swainson's Hawks depend on foraging lands to feed themselves and their young. Photo credit: Robert Sewell

We are working to stop shortcuts and cheating on mitigation for Swainson's Hawk foraging habitat loss.

Since inception, Friends of the Swainson's Hawk has evaluated and commented upon mitigation programs - starting with the Natomas Basin Habitat Conservation Plan draft in 1995. We've been watch dogs in the development process to ensure that developers and local government don't cheat on what is owed to the Swainson's Hawk when its foraging habitat is paved over. When a legal principle is violated, we have gone to court.

Latest research results: our evaluation of Swainson's Hawk mitigation programs in South Sacramento County, including Elk Grove and Sacramento County. Our 2010 review of conservation easements. Our evaluation of Swainson's Hawk mitigation in City of Rancho Cordova.